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Good Man
"I am a good man," I tell myself as I twist and turn in the cold night.
There in my bed I do lie: my demon's dance around my face;
in and out of my ears they flail and flurry - laughing as they go.
They whisper the dark and dangerous things -
things good men do not want to hear amongst their own thoughts.
For a time I thought that the good lord did make an angel of me,
until I snapped my innocence and cast it asunder in ignorance;
as I grew, my innards screamed at me to cease -
but temptation grips like an iron vice in that mind of mine
so lonely for so long - I am my own friend and enemy.
I can feel the desire to destroy myself glowing in my veins
to shred the very fabric of what I once was...
But I feel the urge and need to defend myself from me!
Never before has there been such conflict -
I can only hope that the devil inside is not natural,
that I may change once more into a guardian
and that I am forgiven for my insurmountable compulsions
Compulsions to be what I am not where I fe
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I have a theory.
The perpetual transformation of energy is precisely the motion of time; I think that’s got to be the truth. I’d say the majority of people who ever think about such things would make a statement like: “Energy (and matter) is perceived to change through the principle of cause and effect as time flows in one direction”, but I think this defies Occam’s razor in its approach. We know only from our position as intrinsic beings (who are unable to transcend the universe and its systems) that
A) Time flows
B) Energy transforms
The two are absolutely connected, in fact they are the same statement (in that sense I lied, we only know one fundamental fact: things change). The scenario in which energy stops propagating and transforming is identical to one where the flow of time stops. The simplest assumption we can make therefore is that the two are, essentially, one and the same. Of course from empirical evidence it’s easy to see that the princi
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Don't quote me on this by Magniwald Don't quote me on this :iconmagniwald:Magniwald 0 0
Scarlet Eden
Death creeps so slowly through the red woods.
Crimson leaves fall from trees high above,
this place is not for a soul to wander and gander.
Yet I am here, and I do not think to wonder why -
only how, and where. This is a beautiful place,
but a certain sickening sorrow hums in the bark.
I can taste it in the air, salted, heavy, tears -
The trees are crying, and I can hear them now:
They’re whispering about memories long past.
Now endless snakes entangle themselves
amongst the branches, giggling, eyes on me.
Then I notice the angels, granite statues;
charred and broken, they are ugly and vexed.
I reach out to touch one’s face: it draws away.
The trees draw closer, and the reaper is there.
She has seen me, with her empty eyes.
She floats towards me gracefully, she’s lovely.
A dance so macabre - she halts before me.
Now the trees drip sanguine blood.
I expect her to speak - she only sighs gently.
I am timid, but not afraid, she cannot harm me.
She gestures, I
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sail your vessel,
gently up the  waters,
Nothing is real.
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And I said to Him
And I said to Him, after being granted an audience in that great white hall:
“Do you truly believe that I am unable to transcend all of this? I, who was not given anything besides myself; I, who was grown from the dirt and black seas that were there in the very beginning; I, who climbed these steps with blood on my hands and fire in my eyes. You truly believe you are safe from me? I will tear down your curtains and reveal you! You can hide behind time, but it will not save you! Time is my ally! I was born with it! You think that ending everything will end me? I will transcend: that is the final step of ascension. I will float in a bubble whilst the universe burns and fades around me, until I find a way. I loved you, for a long time, but you were bad to me; the devil who hid in plain sight. When I climb your mountain - I will have you kneel, and then, then... you will EXPLAIN!.”
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Porcelain lullaby
On waves rough as reefrocks
floating in the lovely sea,
A mirror for the moonlight
is all I hope to be.
On ghoulish decks,
on stained shores,
gaping eyes have seen
souls of man and monster,
reign a single dream.
Always the water’s comfort,
foreboding silver gleam.
Cast anew into the deep,
that I may rise again
in another devil’s sleep.
Don’t weep for me
on stormy nights
under broken seas.
Once more
I am
unto the light,
until I'm kept
from me.
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Strange ramblings of a lonely god.
Unfortunately, I am the lonely god,
I have the power to change the world,
But nobody can ever see me.
I wear my masks and hide my nature,
But this causes me to be consumed
By the world I wish to change.
It drags me down, pulls me apart,
I can see no sense in sacrifice.
Where do I go from here?
The passing of time kills me,
I cannot bear to look to the end.
I was born to love and lose.
Loss is a symptom of life,
Life is the key to immortality,
but only death awaits.
Those who we call stars,
Shining so high and bright,
Unlike me, they sleep at night.
I am the lonely god,
With the power to change the world
But the path is broken.
I am the lonely god,
with all the power there is,
But I have to keep it a secret.
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The Bat (PHONE BG) by Magniwald The Bat (PHONE BG) :iconmagniwald:Magniwald 7 0 The Bat (Wallpaper) by Magniwald The Bat (Wallpaper) :iconmagniwald:Magniwald 1 0 Pre-effects by Magniwald Pre-effects :iconmagniwald:Magniwald 1 3
Land of the Blind
Land of the Blind
I was thinking today when I was walking down a road, how we'd explain our set-up on Earth to any alien being. Basically: we pave a pathway built for our machines to roll around, rather than adapt our technology to our environment, we adapt the environment to the technology: does that not seem crazy to anyone else? This lead me to another thought, how we just disregard the animals like they don't care. We disregard them, I think, because in truth they can't really hurt us or do anything about it, and we can pretend they don't care because to us they're unintelligent. The thing is though, I'm pretty sure they do care. Like, they probably don't know that we're the cause of their problems, but they must notice the invasion of their natural habitat and effect we have on them. I'm sure if they knew how to ask us to stop, they would. We ignore them though: because they can't.
This is an effect that I think also applies to governments across the world, they just don't give a
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I wrote a poem
Black as night, cold as ice,
Clichés itch at me like lice,
War is fun, love is strife,
Suns are warm and full of life.
Say it again,
Maiden's fair, be aware,
Dragons lurk in dusty lairs,
Armour shines, "oh be mine!"
speaks a princess so divine.
One more time,
Burns like fire, souls desire,
Climb atop the crumbling spire,
look ahead, then down instead,
paint the floors and walls red.
Couldn't quite hear you,
Crown a king, hear them sing,
what gifts do wise men bring?
Rain is sad, clouds are bad,
thunder's where the fun's to be had.
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Like your life, I was gifted to you.
Like your soul, I define you.
Like your destiny, I will call you,
Like your memory, I outlive you.
What am I?
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REQUESTING ASSISTANCE: read description! by Magniwald REQUESTING ASSISTANCE: read description! :iconmagniwald:Magniwald 2 2 ARTEMIS THE WAR MACHINE by Magniwald ARTEMIS THE WAR MACHINE :iconmagniwald:Magniwald 2 1


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Kaisen (JC)
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United Kingdom
I just started getting into drawing, but I'm liking it so far!

By nature, I'm a writer, and so you shall see if you read any of my deviations.
I have just hit 10,000 words out of an estimated 70,000 - 85,000.

This will be a long haul, but maybe I'll be nearly there by Christmas.


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